This privacy policy states how handles all information of clients and visitors. The privacy statement discusses the rights and responsibilities of both the user and the site itself in terms of protecting personal information.

By subscribing to, you agree to all terms and conditions of the site. These conditions contain your consent in collecting, disclosing and authorizing any personal information. Any actions done against this privacy policy statement will be subjected to disciplinary whereabouts of the site itself.

Any personal information of visitors and clients will not be revealed or disclosed without the knowledge of the person. Disclosure of information to any outside party or individual without the authorization of the visitor is strictly prohibited. Our website never settle for anything less for our visitors when security and privacy are concerned.  The site never infringes in providing the 100% privacy and security protection of personal information of viewers through its monitoring structure.

Sending of spam emails is definitely a big no to us so you are sure that you’re getting the highest level of security concerning any private emails. The purpose of this privacy policy is for updating the users of certain adjustments on all our practices in the site.

Conserving Classified Information

The use of advanced and high quality safekeeping technologies by enables the site in protecting your confidential and private information from all sorts of unauthorized access. All your information are stored somewhere in our database where only authorized people can access to the information and details. The site’s restricted facilities provide you with the peace of mind that your private information shall remain confidential and secured.

General Work Agreement ensures that your private information shall remain confidential. No information shall be disclosed without the consent of the person involved. Without the person’s permission, disclosure of information outside the services of the site will not be tolerated. In cases that disclosure or utilization of information is crucial in completing or accomplishing a certain cause for the site and for the person himself, it may be done. We uphold the right to utilize your information in cases of mislead.

(a). a user or viewer has to abide by all legal processes uphold by the site for security purposes. The law provided by is meant to offer you with the safest disclosure of information.

(b). the protection of the rights and property of is one of the major objectives of the site itself. The enforcement of the agreement is meant for good partnership between the user and Teghcreatives.

(c). actions taken during imperative situations to protect the rights and safety of the users at are accepted.

(d). cooperation with clients in necessary to continue an ideal partnership on both parties.

What We Collect

Collection of private and personal information by include the following:

  • Personal and company name
  • Phone number, address and other contact information such as email address
  • Details and information concerning offers and surveys

We also collect information by accessing to Google and all other authorized directory online.

Payments accepts payment either through your bank account or PayPal. 10% of the total payment is accepted. The remaining 90% shall be completed once the project is done. We accept payments on both weekly and monthly basis for all regular clients.

Copyright Notice

All information and details including the illustrations, website design, artwork, copies and programming are property of In case you give us a material, our team considers them yours. Thus, the copyright is yours.


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