Photo Restoration

Photo restoration

Photo restoration service is one of our most immense levels when it comes to digital image repair – and we are the acknowledged experts in this field.

Welcome to photo restoration services of Teghcreatives!

Yes, we are offering photo restoration services alongside with the other services provided. We are engaged in advanced photo restoration tactics, which effectively allows us to return back the images on their former looks – even those being damaged by light, water, fire, pets, children or molds.

Our Photo Restoration Services

For your dull, damaged or unimpressive images, Teghcreatives can apply extensive photo restoration techniques to make it more beautiful and attractive. We could always transform your images into a more pleasing one. We can do this by the aid of our experts, who have trained eyes to do what is necessary for making your images better without sacrificing the resolution. We are categorizing the services based on the level of work needed.

  • Simple Photo Restoration
    Retouching with the color correction of the over exposed, as well as under exposed images.
  • Medium Photo Restoration
    With two or more detailed objects such as jewelry; improving specific areas; removing dirt and stains, and enhancing the image saturation
  • Complex Photo Restoration
    Restoration of the washed out and damaged images by cloning its scratches until it is fully restored.

What do we guarantee?

When you pick Teghcreatives to do all your digital photo restoration needs, you are ensured to get the following:

  • Detailed Repair and Restoration by Experts

In everything that we do, we have a goal not only to finish the projects on time but also to offer a detailed repair and restoration before meeting the deadline. We always keep an eye to every detail and never let any of it escaped unattended before the job is done.

  • Incredible and Satisfying Results

With the most innovative approach, coupled with the high-end tools in the old photo restoration, there is no reason that we can’t offer you the best possible result you deserve. It is our pleasure seeing you smiling while watching your old images become appealing like it was before. Your damaged photos will always look new. Just do the first wise step – call us and everything will appear exactly what you wish.

  • Amazing Value

Though we give the best possible result, which would always satisfy you, we still make it a deal to offer competitive pricing. Aside from the guaranteed outcome, our offered photo restoration prices are one the arrays of reasons why many of our customers are coming back. We even offer packages for any of your order to let you save.

  • Free Quote

Before you jump into real investment, which you are not even sure of, Teghcreatives offers free quote so you will know how much you’re going to spend. Our photo restoration services are very countable and we always want it to appear that way.

So, why settle for less if you can get the best? Teghcreatives is always ready to serve you with your needs. From the very basic to the most advanced photo restoration services, we got you covered.

Email us today at and learn more about our offerings.


Welcome to Teghcreatives! Welcome to the place where good turns better, and better transforms into the best. So, if you are now ready to see the most beautiful you, join us and we will provide you a professional photo editing services that you can best capture.

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